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Immortality The conference season is over and I’m guessing we’ve all had enough of politics for now. I know I have … at least until the Sunday papers are out.

Instead of politics, I thought I would for a change regale you with another of my favourite subjects — immortality.

I knew you’d be pleased. It does affect you, you know. Yes, you.

On the 22nd of May, 2005, The Observer newspaper published an article by Ian Pearson, Head of the Futurology Unit at BT (British Telecom). It was titled: “2050 – and immortality is within our grasp.”

The indefatigable Pearson wrote, “If you draw the timelines, realistically by 2050 we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine, so when you die it’s not a major career problem. … If you’re rich enough then by 2050 it’s feasible.DNA you’re poor you’ll probably have to wait until 2075 or 2080 when it’s routine. We are very serious about it. That’s how fast this technology is moving: 45 years is a hell of a long time in IT.”

But is downloading the contents of your brain to a computer, immortality? An alternative approach is to fix our bodies so that we live to 200. Strictly speaking that’s not immortality either, just a very long innings. Even so, some people would settle for it, despite the tedium of an almost endless dotage.

OxfordOther commentators believe we will become posthumans if we simply live long enough to understand all things. George Bernard Shaw wanted to exist for 300 years, convinced he would know everything by then. Many agree with him, even though it seems more like a fear of death than a step in the right direction. In the end he lived to a ripe 94, quite long enough for most people.

Interestingly, our psychology changes as we get older. The Swiss thinker and psychiatrist C.G. Jung realized that our deep mind prepares us for physical death with intimations of immortality. It acts as if we were going to live forever.

So what is immortality if not bodily survival? The gnostic Gospel of Thomas is quite clear: “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death. Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. The kingdom is within you and it is outside you. Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.”

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But Charles Darwin was a clergyman

by Helen_Back

Of the Church of England (so he would have used what you refer to as the King James version of the Bible). He received his bachelor's degree in Theology from Christ College, in 1831. His most influential Science teachers were also clergymen.
I think Religion should be taught in public schools, but perhaps not in a way you would agree to. I would like for all children to know about all religions equally. To understand the basic tenets and philosophy of each and to have that knowledge in hand when they decide which religion they'd like to adhere to as an adult.

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Free Will & Determinism: Please explain what these terms mean?

"Do you believe you have free will? Or is human behavior simply a result of causality?"

What do these questions mean? And what is Darwinism?

Ardi Pithecus, you answered this question like you assume I know what these terms mean... I don't.

Freewill - the ability to choose your own path. In religious context it means you can choose to follow Christ, or you can refuse, it is decided by your actions.

Determinism - an ancient belief that nature continues at a set pace and that regardless of what you do you cannot change your future. Things in your life are already determined.

Darwinism - Charles Darwin is the writer of the theory of evolution. That all animals, including man evolved from another species or organism. This is used to dispute the Christian belief in creation.

HELP!!explain how determinism and social Darwinism are presented in London's story to build a fire?

I have to write an essay about it but dont even know where to start. i havent read the book..i know it would help if i did, but everytime i try and read it i get a headache and i get confused.

Determinism is expressed through the mans desire to build the fire even though he is faced with horrible odds. It's also expressed when he tries to kill his dog just to stay alive.

Social Darwinism isn't really addressed. However Darwinism itself, "survival of the fittest", is one of the main points of the story. The man was too stupid to ignore the warnings and therefore is killed by nature.

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