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Darwinism VS evolution

Famed Evangelist Says His New Film Exposes ‘Embarrassingly Stupid’ Ideas Behind Darwinian Theory (Get a Sneak Peek)

Evolution vs. God: Ray Comfort Says His New Film Exposes Embarrassingly Stupid Ideas Behind Darwinian Theory“I’ve listened to him say things to thousands of university students that are just not true, ” Comfort said. “Many times over the years I’ve been accused by atheists of not understanding evolution. I’ve read every page of the world’s most boring book, ‘The Origin of Species.’”

In making the video, Comfort spoke with leading evolutionary scientists from major universities: Peter Nonacs, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA, Craig Stanford, professor of biological sciences and anthropology at USC, PZ Myers, associate professor of biology at University of Minnesota Morris and Gail E. Kennedy, associate professor of anthropology at UCLA.

The Christian leader, who founded evangelical outreach groups Way of the Master and Living Waters, described going directly to these scientists and asking them questions about the evidence that exists for evolution — proof that Comfort believes is sparse and unreliable.

“[I asked], ‘Is there scientific evidence, observable evidence?, ’” he explained to TheBlaze. “[None] of the scientists could provide any. This is going to be enlightening for so many people who mock Christians as having blind faith or no evidence.”

Comfort Discusses Creationism as Fact

Considering the seemingly never-ending creationism versus evolution debate, we also asked Comfort how people can be sure that the former is a reality that makes more sense, logistically, than the latter. Interestingly, he said that it really doesn’t take much faith to believe in God and his creation, as people can simply “look at the beauty of nature.”

“It is scientifically impossible for nature to create itself, ” he noted, adding that this is indicative of a Higher Power setting it all in motion.

Comfort noted that even the most intelligent scientist on the face of the earth “can’t make a grain of sand from anything, ” nor can he or she create animals that are able to reproduce. At the heart of the matter is his argument that the creation surrounding us couldn’t have come from an explosion of nothing. This idea of spontaneous creation — one that is touted by many Darwinian theorists — he called “embarrassingly stupid” (he also gave the same label to atheism).

Comfort also said that humanity’s moral conscience and thirst for justice corroborates the Almighty’s presence.

As for “Evolution vs. God, ” he believes that the film has the power to spawn radical change. While he knows that “fundamental evolutionists” will not amend their views, as he believes that they’ve been brainwashed, Comfort still has hope that an impact can be made on others.

Watch a trailer for the film, below:

Why So Many People Embrace Evolutionary Theory

Staunch evolutionists, Comfort believes, may simply be indulging their urges rather than questioning the information that scientists have been touting.

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Evolution vs Social Darwinism continued

by Thomas_Paine

3) Evolution does NOT have a DIRECTION, so technology can't HURT the evolutionary process - unless ofcourse our big brains that enable us to split the atom results in the extinction of the species through nuclear war. Then, how superior are we to the cockroach which will probably survive?
Technology/Civilization in general is PART of our environment and has been ever since we fashioned the first tool or clothing.
Sure, if somehow our environment changed and we were stripped of our technology and civilization, those with physical defects that our technology helped survive would perish

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