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Charles Darwin little know fact

Charles Darwin – Little Known Facts & Oddities

Darwin in 1879Missing the boat — Darwin almost missed the boat (OK, the ship) that took him to the Galapagos Islands and beyond, where he discovered evidence for evolution and started to realize its mechanism — natural selection. First, he wasn’t Captain Robert FitzRoy’s first choice when seeking a science companion for the survey of the South American coastline. Then, when the 22-year-old Darwin was invited, his father rejected the offer. Luckily, Darwin’s uncle persuaded Robert Darwin to relent. Meanwhile, FitzRoy promised the job to a friend, but he turned the job down just five minutes before Darwin showed up to interview. The two spent a week together until they judged each other agreeable, and the ship set sail before the year’s end.

Iffy on marriage — As a young man, Darwin made a list of marriage’s pros and cons. Cons included loss of time and no reading in the evening. Pros included companionship (“better than a dog anyhow”) and children. In the end, he concluded: “Marry — Marry. Marry Q.E.D.” Q.E.D. stands for the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum, ” which is used at the end of mathematical proofs to indicate that the proof is complete.

Foot-dragger — Darwin delayed the publication of On the Origin of Species for more than two decades after he was convinced of his theory, because he was nervous about how it would be received.

HMS BeagleAlmost scooped — In the late 1850s, it became clear to Darwin that British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace also had come up with a similar theory of evolution. This sparked Darwin into high gear to finish On the Origin of Species. Scientists with the Linnean Society of London resolved the “who was first” question by presenting both men’s work jointly in July 1858. Darwin later got most of the credit for evolutionary theory, because he had worked out the theory in greater detail.

Ho-hum reaction — The publication of Darwin’s and Wallace’s work was a non-event at first. The president of the Linnean Society said in May 1859 that there had been no big discoveries in the past year.

Family losses — Darwin and his wife had 10 children, but three of them died at young ages — two as infants and one at age 10. Darwin was known to be quite devoted to his children.

Christian, then agnostic — Darwin was a conventional Christian for much of his life. He studied at the University of Cambridge to become an Anglican clergyman, just prior to the Beagle voyage. Later in life, he described himself as agnostic, not atheist.

Does Washington Know Best?

by Truedizzle

"Charles Darwin wisely noted more than a century and a half ago that “ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.” Congress exudes confidence.
Suggesting that Congress and the president are ignorant of the fact that knowledge is highly dispersed and decisions made locally produce the best outcomes might be overly generous. It could be that they know they really don’t know what they’re doing but just don’t give a hoot because it’s in their political interest to centralize health care decision-making. Just as one example, how can Congress know whether buying a $4,000 annual health insurance policy would be the best use of healthy 25-year-old Joe Sanders’ earnings? Would he be better off purchasing a cheaper catastrophic health insurance policy and saving the...

Bird brainiacs: The genius of pigeons  — New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..

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How many people converted religion after Charles Darwin?

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The natural truths revealed by Darwin cannot conflict with true religion. Truth can never conflict with truth. If Darwin's findings caused someone to leave their religion, that religion wasn't teaching the truth in the first place. My Church has no conflicts with any findings of science, because its teaching is true.

The life of charles darwin?

I have to do a scrapbook on charles darwin for 7th grade science. Im looking for OTHER paragraphs to write about him. i already got his life story. his voyage on the beagle. his books. I just need 2 more paragraphs to write about him. Uhmm, well. Also if any of you know what "please include a list of atleast three references in proper MLA format means.. how do you put references in MLA format??? thanks :]

You may have already covered these points but did you mention that he and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day? That he, like most of his relatives, married a first cousin, Emma Wedgewood, of the family that makes the great pottery? That Darwin would probably have continued revising his magnum opus if Wallace had not sent him his own manuscript, reaching the same conclusion through a different path? That Darwin published on a wide variety of topics, including barnacles, orchids, and expression of emotions?

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