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Genius of Charles Darwin

The Genius of Charles Darwin

Click here to buy the DVD from title given to this series is quite misleading for two reasons. Firstly, the series is centred around a theory rather than around a person, and secondly, the series is not an historical documentary. From the title one might assume that the series is about the man Charles Darwin.

Darwin's Evangelist

The series, however, is more about his idea than about the man. Richard Dawkins makes this very clear from the beginning when he says that the series is about ‘perhaps the most powerful idea ever to occur to a human mind.’

But Richard Dawkins does not simply give us the history of this idea. This series is a manifesto calling individuals to embrace the idea of evolution by natural selection and to live out the implications. Dawkins is telling us how we should behave.

The Episodes

The series is comprised of three episodes which have a flow of logic to them. In the first episode, Dawkins explains the origins of evolution as scientific theory. Using this description, he goes on to explore the implications in the second episode. In the final episode, Dawkins examines Christian opposition to evolution. He establishes evolutionary atheism as the only acceptable religious position for a reasonable person.

Episode 1

The first episode gives a history of the book The Origin of Species, written by Charles Darwin and published on 24 November 1859. Dawkins is a good storyteller and gives an informative and interesting account of Darwin’s life. The story of Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle is seen as the catalyst for his thinking about the nature of all life. Still, it took a further twenty years for Darwin to publish The Origin of Species.

Dawkins explains that without Charles Lyell’s geological treatise, Thomas Malthus’s socio-economic commentary or the complementary writings of Alfred Russell Wallace, Darwin might never have come up with the idea of evolution by natural selection or have published it in The Origin of Species. Dawkins quotes Darwin as saying, ‘[I feel like I have] become a machine for grinding theories out of huge assemblies of facts.’ This quote is a cue in the series for a bad historical statement: Dawkins states that it was not really like this for Darwin. Such a strong statement of certainty about how Darwin felt seems more emotional than rational on Dawkins’s part.

Within episode one it is explained that the main evidence that Darwin had for his theory of evolution was that of the fossils. Dawkins explains that today we also have another source of evidence for the theory in the form of genetics. So convinced is he by this evidence that Dawkins says about a genetics lab:

If we hadn’t got a single fossil anywhere, the evidence [for evolution by natural selection] from this lab alone would be absolutely, not just enough, but overwhelmingly, staggeringly enough.

Athena The Genius of Charles Darwin
DVD (Athena)

It's amazing what we will discover and every

by god666

Single discovery reconfirms and validates evolution. The sequencing of the human genome was a remarkable achievement and fully demonstrates evolution at work in irrefutable ways.
Darwin was a careful, curios and introspective intellect that forever changed the course of humanity.
If you haven't yet seen it I highly recommend "Richard Dawkins: The Genius of Charles Darwin "

Dawkins is an incredibly successful evolutionary

by GodsAndMonsters

Biologist and author and lecturer living an amazing life filled with journeys around the world and wonderful adventures while you are stuck in a char room.
Ah the irony.
But if you'd like to see a sample of his documentary "The Genius of Charles Darwin" which won "Best TV Documentary Series of 2008" at the British Broadcast Awards click below.
It's a superb achievement.

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Charles Darwin's Natural Selection - Persuasive?

In Darwin's "On the Origin of Species, there is an essay on Natural Selection. Is this a persuasive essay because it states a thesis and he attempts to convincingly prove it?

Yes. It is, is essence, a persuasive essay. He draws facts from the time he spent on the Galapagos islands, often referred to as a 'naturalist's paradise'.


plantangels - nonsense.

'Scienctist proved years ago that we never came from a (ape) lineage'

You are either flat out lying or have got that from an ill-founded source.

There is no controversy about evolution is the scientific community: it is unanimously accepted as fact.

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