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Charles Darwin Trivia Quiz

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  • Charles Darwin

  • Chagas Disease. Charles Darwin was quite sick in his later years. He is now believed to have caught Chagas Disease while in South America. This disease is caused by the bite of of a certain bug.

  • Alfred Wallace. Alfred Wallace also had come up with a theory of evolution similar to Darwin's. They both produced papers but in the end it was Darwin who went ahead and published his research. John Henslow and Adam Sedgwick were both naturalists who taught Darwin at Cambridge University. Joseph Banks was a well known Australian botanist.

  • Beagle. Darwin was an unpaid scientist aboard the Beagle. It was his job to study rocks and plants and animals on the journey. Unfortunately, Darwin was seasick for the start of the journey but overcame this.
Charles had two famous grandfathers. One was Josiah Wedgwood on his mother's side, famous for pottery manufacturing. Who was the well known scientist on his father's side?

  • Erasmus . Erasmus was known for his strange ideas, a bit like Charles at the time, and possibly pondered a little on the science of evolution for a while. Another of his whacky interests was air travel.
Darwin wrote a book about the origin of man, which was as controversial as "On the Origin of Species". What was the title?

  • The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. This book, published in 1871, also included Darwin's first defense of his original work on evolution, published 12 years before.
While Darwin was slowly writing his most famous book, another scientist developed a theory of evolution that was almost identical to the one defended by Darwin. Who was this scientist?

  • Alfred Russell Wallace. Working in Malaysia, Wallace created a theory of evolution that was almost identical to Darwin's. The risk of having Wallace present the theory first was one of the things that made Darwin hurry the publishing of his work.
The man who invented the word "Dinosaurus" (dinosaur) was a great critic of Darwin's theory. Who was this?

Charles Darwin, British Naturalist

by RoughJustice

1809 -1882
Darwin's theory of evolutionary selection holds that variation within species occurs randomly and that the survival or extinction of each organism is determined by that organism's ability to adapt to its environment.
In this case, we see a moron making a poor choice immediately reflected in an improvement in the gene pool.

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Can you answer Charles Darwin Trivia Quiz?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?????
1) Charles’s Wife, Emma, was a keen and accomplished pianist. From whom did she once receive piano lessons?
A) Fryderyk Chopin
B) Hector Berlioz
C) Franz Liszt

2) When Charles and Emma were first married, they lived in a house in Gower Street, London (now the site of a UCL biology building). What was their nickname for the house?
A) Maer Mansions
B) Macaw Cottage
C) The Boxrooms

3) Which of the following people was NOT left handed?
A) Erasmus Darwin (Charles's…

1. A (from Chopin in Paris)
B - Finches
5. C - The Princess and the Goblin
A - Walter Crick
"Crick replied with not only the answers, but also the beetle and the shell. Both arrived alive, so Darwin put the "wretched" insect in a bottle with chopped ..."
10. B - Australia
"Charles Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle: Chapter XIX: Australia. ... and he who thinks with me will never wish to walk again in so uninviting a country"
15. Joseph Parslow
" Darwin's family home. Down House…

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