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Charles Darwin movie Creation

In Charles Darwin’s footsteps

A scene from The Voyage That Shook the World showing a young Charles Darwin.

A new movie is intended to shake large numbers out of their evolution-based complacency and hostility toward the God of the Bible.

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A scene from The Voyage That Shook the World showing a young Charles Darwin.

This is the pre-publication version which was subsequently revised to appear in Creation 31(2):43–45.

The film crewPlanned to coincide with the 2009 Darwin celebrations, CMI’s high quality big-budget documentary movie, The Voyage That Shook the World, has now been released for international broadcast (the DVD version will be available later in the year).

Produced by our subsidiary, Fathom Media, using both inhouse and consultant professionals of a high level of experience and expertise, the film is framed around a retracing of Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle.

The primary purpose of this 52-min high-definition ‘docu-movie’ is to move the creation/evolution debate into the secular mainstream and to break down some of the seemingly impenetrable barriers of evolutionary prejudice.

Dr Emil SilvestruThe Voyage has been produced with world TV networks in mind and their viewing audiences of millions. Follow-up DVD sales to believers to use with their non-Christian connections could then add greatly to the numbers potentially reached.

One veteran TV producer has said, ‘You can’t tell people what to think, but you can tell them what to think about.’ Using this maxim, we have created a thought-provoking documentary designed to communicate and appeal to secular as well as Christian audiences—to crack open the mindset that ‘everyone knows’ that Charles Darwin was right about evolution, that all the facts support it, and so on.

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Creation: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

by BurpBoohickie

In the upcoming JOHN AMIEL drama, CREATION, contemporary real life couple JENNIFER CONNELLY and PAUL BETTANY play historic real-life couple CHARLES and EMMA DARWIN. We spoke with CONNELLY recently and she talked about how the movie deals with the conflicts of Darwinism and Creationism, it doesn’t preach a particular point of view.

Going to a movie as a conscious political act?

by NewMsLoree

“Creation”, the new film about Charles Darwin, which stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, premieres on Friday, January 22, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC.
Says Robert Luhn, Director of Communications at the National Center for Science Education:
“If there is a strong turnout the opening weekend, the movie will stay in theaters longer, which will generate buzz, which will keep it in theaters longer. And that means more people will see Darwin (and his ideas) presented in a more positive light.”

Charles Darwin and the human face of science.(EDITOR'S JOURNAL)('Creation')(Movie review): An article from: Issues in Science and Technology
Book (National Academy of Sciences)
Creation [HD]
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