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Charles Robert Darwin was the son of very wealthy and known men in England. He was born on February 12 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Charles Darwin was the creator of the theory of evolution. Darwin embarked the HMS beagle with captain Fitzroy, a journey that lasted about five years. The ship went all around the world, travelling through all the coasts. In south America he observed many species of organisms that where looked similar but had significant different characteristics.

Charles then came up with the theory of natural selection. He believed that all animals reproduce in order to produce offspring and pass on their genes. All animals had different traits that helped them collect food, or fight but mainly survive. This brings to the survival of the fittest, the species that had the most helpful traits would be the one that will survive.

In the days of Charles Darwin everyone believed in the theory of creationism, and it said earth was created in seven days and no one could oppose that. Anyone that thought differently was accused of heresy and was punished severely. That is why Darwin was so afraid of publishing his book that contained his entire theory of evolution because it would contradict his wife, the church and it would change how people would look at him. Charles Darwin was a great scientist even though during his time not all people supported him.

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Charles Darwin was a theist and its shocking

by Beacon7

How many atheists pattern their beliefs from his..
Darwin was a theist did you miss the memo??
Some will argue, however, and rightly so, that Darwin did still believe in God when he wrote Origin of Species in 1859. Though denying that God had a direct hand in creating species, he did nonetheless indicate that God created the natural laws of the cosmos, including the laws of evolutionary development. He also interpolated a statement about a Creator breathing life into one or a few (primitive) organisms into the 1860 edition of Origin.

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