Charles Darwin evolutionary psychology | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary Psychology and Charles Darwin's Origin of Species

In an extension of Theory about Evolution towards what Charles Darwin, in the final pages of the Origin of Species, intimated might some day be possible:-

"In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation."

Those who are establishing Evolutionary Psychology as a branch of Science tend to hold, as their prime article of Scientific Faith, that "The Human Mind" has been effectively designed by evolutionary forces such that the human being, or rather the group of closely genetically related human beings, in question will have enhanced possibilities of survival in order to procreate and hence to transmit their genes.

This gives rise to a most pressing question-

What does the term "The Human Mind" encompass in all its ramifications and implications?

Those who attempt to answer this question are presently involved in several associated fields of Scientific study that seek to investigate Human psychology in all its fullness. But, as yet, it seems that those involved have effectively ignored an uniquely rich source of highly persuasive and relevant material i.e. the insights of the Mystics and Poets!!!

Leaving aside, for the present, the much-debated (and possibly insoluble) question as to the origin of our poetical and spiritual capacities there may be much to learn about those capacities from an open-minded attempt to gain an appreciation of the Wisdoms of the Poets and Mystics.

Is Evolution a Fact?

by just-ask-me

Many scientists have noted that over time, the descendants of living things may change slightly. Charles Darwin called this process “descent with subsequent modification.” Such changes have been observed directly, recorded in experiments, and used ingeniously by plant and animal breeders. These changes can be considered facts. However, scientists attach to such slight changes the term “microevolution.” Even the name implies what many scientists assert—that these minute changes furnish the proof for an altogether different phenomenon, one that no one has observed, which they call macroevolution

Awesome letter from a friend re: animal exploit.

by ihme

Re: Throw a logical argument in my face, not a paint can
Dear Ms. Devlin,
You asked for a logical argument why non-human animals should not be
exploited for fur, wool or leather (or in any other way). I will try
to explain this to you.
If it is immoral to exploit humans, for the same reason it is immoral
to exploit other animals. Charles Darwin´s theory of natural
selection proved that human beings evolve according to the same
evolutionary dynamics as non-human animals

Blasphemous Darwin Inspiration On Display

by alphacan4

The animals that inspired Charles Darwin to write his "theory" of evolution are being put up for public viewing. Why keep around dead carcasses? Thats about as pleasant as the Russians keeping Lenin in a musty glass box.

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Biology crossword homework.

In the crossword DARWIN fits

its on the third box going this way --->
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Questions about charles darwin.?

Who was the scientist whose ideas about evoulution and adaption influenced darwin?

who was the economist whose ideas about human population influenced darwin?

who was the geologist who influenced darwin?

these are questions on a crossword puzzle and these are the only questions i have left, please help me find the answers!!!!

Lamarck was a renown scientist read by Darwin and others. Here is a list of the people that had some effect upon Darwin.

Agassiz, Jean Louis
Babbage, Charles
Beaufort, Capt. Francis
Bradlaugh, Charles
Broderip, William John
Brown, Robert
Busk, George
Carlile, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chapman, John
Covington, Syms
Duke of Argyll
Edmonstone, John
Falconer, Hugh
FitzRoy, Capt. Robert
Forbes, Edward
Fox, William Darwin
Gould, John

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