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Charles Darwin Down House Kent

A Grand Day Out: Discovering Darwin at Down House, Kent

Down House, KentWHY NOW?
Trace Charles Darwin's roots back to his home in the pretty Kent countryside and celebrate this revolutionary naturalist's 200th birthday. Spending the last 40 years of his life in this Georgian villa, it is here that he researched and penned arguably the most influential book of our time, On The Origin Of Species.

Experience life on board the HMS Beagle in a reconstruction of Darwin's cabin from which he spent five years exploring South America's rich coastline. It was here each night that he sat painstakingly recording the day's findings. You can view his mesmerising and influential note-takings detailing the specimens and creatures that fascinated him.

On The Origin Of Species, as we know it, might never have been written. Darwin was nearly pipped to the post by professional bug collector Alfred Russel Wallace, who in 1858 sent Darwin a paper outlining his similar theory. Less than a year later, Darwin mustered the courage to publish his life-changing findings.

Charles DarwinWHEN TO GO
Open from 11am to 5pm, Wednesdays to Sundays and Bank Holidays. Tickets: £8.80, adults; £4.40, children; £7.50, concessions; £22, family ticket (19,

Happy birthday Chas: 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth

Magnifying glass and beetle book.

Wind your way in a figure of eight around the town of Downe and across the valley to Biggin Hill, looking out for rare funghi in the grass en route. Darwin said of the area: 'I think I was never in a more perfectly quiet country.' Self-guides can be downloaded from TO STAY
Enjoy stunning views across the Weald of Kent at this quaint 15thcentury cottage nestled in the hamlet of Toys Hill. B&B double rooms at Corner Cottage start from £75 a night (62,

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Who's the author of "On the Origin of Species?"?

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Questions about charles darwin.?

Who was the scientist whose ideas about evoulution and adaption influenced darwin?

who was the economist whose ideas about human population influenced darwin?

who was the geologist who influenced darwin?

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Lamarck was a renown scientist read by Darwin and others. Here is a list of the people that had some effect upon Darwin.

Agassiz, Jean Louis
Babbage, Charles
Beaufort, Capt. Francis
Bradlaugh, Charles
Broderip, William John
Brown, Robert
Busk, George
Carlile, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chapman, John
Covington, Syms
Duke of Argyll
Edmonstone, John
Falconer, Hugh
FitzRoy, Capt. Robert
Forbes, Edward
Fox, William Darwin
Gould, John

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