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They now have not only an extensive tortoise breeding program, but also a laboratory dedicated to incubating and rearing Mangrove Finches, an endangered finch species - one that Charles Darwin himself identified. Eggs are being incubated and the first chicks are hatching.

There is an extensive project to increase the number of endemic Galapagos penguins, the rarest and most endangered penguin species in the world and the only penguins found at the equator. Because there are limited options for nest sites, scientists have intervened to provide what has been described as "high-quality, shady nest sites ('penguin condos') on Isabela, Fernandina, and Bartolomé' Islands, where penguins currently breed." There are already signs of success. Read my extensive post about Galapagos penguins for more about this unique and remarkably cute species.

Iguana at CDRS

Iguanas are being studied. And, all types of introduced species are being eradicated in very extensive projects. Many more projects are spear headed at the CDRS as well.

Trip Report - Ecuador & Galapagos Part I

by Metri

Hi all. I'm back. Got a crummy cold, so am a little UTW (under the weather). Anyway, here's a trip report capsule.
Arrive Quito, capital of Ecuador. Elevation: 9,200 ft. (Sucking air like mad.) Spend a couple of days doing city tour of churches built in the late 1500's, 1600's (yes, the City is that old).
Fly to Galapagos, get on the Aggressor dive boat. First class all the way. Unbelievable vessel and crew waiting on you hand and foot. Couple of checkout dives, then motor 22 hours throught he night to the northernmost islands where we spend two of the best diving days of my life

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What was alfred tennyson's influnces on his poetry?

It depends which poems you're reading... In Memorian is influenced by debates in evolutionary science. When this poem was initially written, Charles Darwin had been on his voyage on the Beagle to the south Pacific, but he had not yet compiled his tremendous book On Natural Selection. Nevertheless, scientific debate was lively. Tennyson was also interested in the medieval period, especially the stories of King Arthur and the knights of the round table (and their ladies, too). He had read Mallory's Morte D'Arthur and was interested in improving on Mallory's poem.

There are…

How did the photographer Julia margaret cameron impact history?

She took photos of famous people such as Alfred Tennyson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Charles Darwin.

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