Theory of evolution by Darwin | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Theory of evolution by Darwin

Theory of Evolution, a Pre- School Concept, By Dr RazaHaider

Though it was too pain staking to indulge in the disgusting discussion of subjection as commitment, that was too rough and rude as topic but nevertheless, few beneficial abstract as compass reading on the subject of evolution has ordained to become understanding. The same is floated in accessible portrait for the readers so to give as, means of mild backup on the issue of inventory and controversy of discovery. I Hope subject discussion would highlight basic theme behind the myth of theory of evolution. (Dr Raza)

“Either someone made the world, or the world made itself”. (?)

The ideology behind creation and intention of the creator, in the light and opinion of the most exemplified creation, is still the subject of stunning and starring fact as reality which is fencing under theoretical abbreviation of initial presumed letters as assumption.

Assumptions, observations, predictions, postulates, theories and fictitious law that are yet to be made the chapter of verses, has given circadian stoop in the contest and context of research, as coincidence and belief retaliated the science of creation in to the most illegitimate controversy.

What should not be the chapter of conflict has unduly been dragged in to the theme of disbelief thereby, managing to curtail the vantage of complex domain of research.

It is very true that no research and advent curtails and disembark religion since, “spiritual belief can not take the position of material bondages”.

However, out of many such discoveries, the most affected in the contest of said reservation of religious apprehend and controversy is the theory of evolution by Darwin.

Interestingly, the subject, unknowingly been dragged in to the vertical sin, but if we perceive and virtually indulge the realm of the theme of the theory, nothing in the conceit of sanctity and its officious importance, has or been the words of the observation or hypothesis, as been cited and perceived in terms of issue by critics.

“Misinterpretation is the basic cause of conflicts”.

In my opinion “religion does not depend on science to prove its sanctity and concept but infact science route its direction towards and through the expressed conceptual slogan, otherwise”.

Perhaps it is this factor that hinders most, the eventual outcome of inventory of research, thereby limiting in terms of excelling and accepting.

Why not?

by dare2dream

Maybe students should be introduced to both sides of every controversy? When a student sees all sides of any issue, then they can objectively decide for themselves what they want to believe.
When they teach the Christian creationism belief they should also teach the Hindu belief of how the world began, the Buddhist and the American Indian belief etc. Then they should teach the scientific theory of evolution by Darwin and talk about the evidence.
I too believe in the separation of church and state but this seems to have become a public controversy.
Who am I to decide

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