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Charles Darwin's theory of evolution

Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution: The Extended

I am sure that most, if not all of the people, are aware of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and the image showing a man evolving from an ape towards a fully grown man - also known as the homo sapiens. But as I was searching through google images I came across a parody of Darwin's theory.

This image really grabbed my attention, because if you think about it the parody of the original image is actually telling the truth. Our current generation has grown so lazy and dependent on fastfood and technology that the people have evolved into a man such as the one on the very right of the picture. It is indeed insulting to us, but the picture speaks of the truth. Our specie used to be extremely productive and physically fit creatures that possess the discipline in order to live a long life. But as of now, most of the people have grown sluggish. All we do nowadays is rely on technology, relying too much that we begin to think that we cannot function properly without it. to be.

As the image speaks for itself, I do agree about the truth it tells us. I am embarrassed about our generation's current situation but at the same time I am happy that some people are aware enough to show it through this image parody of Darwin's theory of evolution. Everyone should see this image so that they can start to contemplate and reflect about their current lives; so that they can regain their dignity as human beings worthy of being the newest and most current generation of our ancestors. Anyway, it is never too late to undo the bad that we have done to ourselves. We can always remedy our dependence on technology and laziness. It is never too late to change back to how we used to be, like our ancestors who used to be the fittest of all survivors in the wild. It's time for us to bring back the good old days.

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After being contacted by the ADL about his name being used to promote Kennedy's project, Dr

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