Charles Darwin and phobia | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin and phobia

Have you got gymnophobia? That's a fear of nudity - and one of our top ten most bizarre phobias

Hot stuff: Joan of Arc was perhaps the most famous person to be burned at the stake3. Arachibutyrophobia. Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
4. Gymnophobia. Fear of nudity
5. Pentheraphobia. Fear of your mother-in-law
6. Deipnophobia. Fear of dinner conversation
7. Panphobia. Fear of everything
8. Taphophobia. Fear of being buried alive
9. Pteronophobia. Fear of being tickled with feathers
10. Automatonophobia . Fear of a ventriloquist’s dummy

Not so funny: To have a fear of clowns is commonplace. It is known as CoulrophobiaTen gruesome methods of execution

1. Sawing. The criminal would be hung upside-down and a saw would be used to cut their body in half — starting with the groin.
2. Scaphism. An ancient Persian method of execution. A naked person would be placed inside a hollow tree trunk, their head, hands, and feet protruding. Honey would be rubbed on his body to attract insects. They would then be abandoned. Eventual death was probably due to a combination of dehydration, starvation and septic shock from the bites.
3. Snake pit. One of the oldest forms of execution. Convicts were cast into a deep pit with venomous snakes. Several famous leaders have been said to die this way, including Ragnar Lodbrok, a Viking warlord in the 9th century.

Ten early deaths under the age of 25 Pronounced: The vertical groove between your lip and nose is known as the Philtrum The Life Of Charles Darwin, Including His Letters & An Autobiographical Chapter, 200th Birthday Commemorative Edition
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Retiring at 82: You've got to like your work  — ABC Local
She's spent the last 20 years working as a lecturer in horticulture at Charles Darwin University. "You've to like your work," says Mrs Hagan when asked why she kept working long after she could have put her feet up. "I like the students, the students ..

Uni ratings' big tick  — The Australian Financial Review
.. the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney, the University of South Australia, Deakin University, Murdoch University, Charles Darwin University, Curtin University of Technology, Flinders University, Griffith ..

Science: January 9, 2009; (Origins) Charles Darwin Science's Celebration of his 200th Birthday
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Sugar glider moves around the family tree  — ABC Online
Thought for more than 150 years to be a subspecies of sugar glider, researchers based at Charles Darwin University in Darwin have recently found it more closely resembles two other species of glider, and they speculate that it may even represent an ..


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Do sensitive and intelligent people have anxiety disorders?

Especially ocd? zodiac signs, cancer and scorpio are sensitive and intelligent, therefore they're likely to have ocd than any other sign? this isn't of such a strong knot, but i would say that there is a tie as i've researched a little

It depends are your family history. ocd and anxiety order is equally possible with any sign. i don't think that it has a preference.

Do introverts want new friends?

I am an introvert myself and I know I'd be glad to make some new friends. I always wonder about other introverts - they are quiet and mysterious and I want to know if they are interesting people (like me) and if we would get along. But these people are hardly approachable. They sit with a small group of friends, talking between themselves. It would be very hard to try to talk with any of them like that, especially since I do have a little social phobia. They look pretty closed for new people, and they know each other well, so everything I could say to start a conversation would sound…

Introverts do like to socialize – only in a different manner and less frequently than extroverts.
And there’s a lot of great things with introverts as friends.
In fact, introverts are the leading pioneers of advancements in human civilization. Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Charles Darwin are a few introverts that come to mind, just to name a few.
A lot of well known names in Hollywood are introverts as well. Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale to name a few as well.
And for those interested in sports, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods come to mind…

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