Charles Darwin natural selection for Kids | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin natural selection for Kids

Darwin was Right

MothNatural selection is the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. It is a key mechanism of evolution. The term "natural selection" was popularized by Charles Darwin who intended it to be compared with artificial selection, what we now call selective breeding.

Variation exists within all populations of organisms. This occurs partly because random mutations cause changes in the genome of an individual organism, and these mutations can be passed to offspring.Elephants ghout the individuals’ lives, their genomes interact with their environments to cause variations in traits. (The environment of a genome includes the molecular biology in the cell, other cells, other individuals, populations, species, as well as the abiotic environment.) Individuals with certain variants of the trait may survive and reproduce more than individuals with other variants. Therefore the population evolves.Bacteria xual selection, for example. Natural selection acts on the phenotype, or the observable characteristics of an organism, but the genetic (heritable) basis of any phenotype that gives a reproductive advantage will become more common in a population (see allele frequency). Over time, this process can result in populations that specialize for particular ecological niches and may eventually result in the emergence of new species. In other words, natural selection is an important process (though not the only process) by which evolution takes place within a population of organisms. As opposed to artificial selection, in which humans favour specific traits, in natural selection the environment acts as a sieve through which only certain variations can pass.

You have described human nature

by intergenerations13

"""""""The truth, of course, is that the only necessary and sufficient condition for human beings to murder one another is the simple fact of being human. We've always been a lustily fratricidal species, one that needed no Charles Darwin to goad us into millenniums of self-slaughter. """"""
Do you believe this?
♥ marie

Good news! Humans are "naturally nice."

by MeanPeopleSuck

"Biological research is increasingly debunking the view of humanity as competitive, aggressive and brutish.
"Humans have a lot of pro-social tendencies," Frans de Waal, a biologist at Emory University in Atlanta, told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Monday.
New research on higher animals from primates and elephants to mice shows there is a biological basis for behavior such as co-operation, said de Waal, author of The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society.
Until just 12 years ago, the common view among scientists was that humans were "nasty" at the core but had developed a veneer of morality - albeit a thin one, de Waal told scientists and journalists from some 50 countries at the conference in...

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fernando m
Can anybody please answer this question about Charles Darwin theory of natural selection?

Can anybody explain how structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations or organisms relate to natural selection?

Well you could ask Darwin...oh wait...
(1) he's dead
(2) he didn't even believe his own theory...look it up

Faith in Logic
Do you like Darwin's theory of natural selection?

Though it seems to have a strong foundation, I for one, think the theory is a little inhumane. To say that the strongest genes will get passed on and the weakest will die out is no different from saying that ugly people don't deserve to be happy, get married and have kids. Not to mention, there are girls who are extremely attractive who I would not want to marry just because their personalities are so empty and hollow. So his theory only takes into account physical attraction and nothing else. I'm an atheist by the way so don't think its some religious superstition thats fueling my…

What's not to like? the theory of evolution is the best we have, no other account of how living organisms developed and evolved comes close to matching it. i think the idea of natural selection is such a powerful and attractive idea that it really grabs the imagination. unfortunately, both the controversy and the elegance and factual veracity of the theory have contributed to generating a lot of very popular misunderstandings. there will be not a single iota of condescension coming from me, i assure you, for it was not so long ago that i too was under certain misapprehensions about the…

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