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Charles Darwin and anthropology

Charles Darwin belonged to Y

Not very surprising given his nationality. I guess there is a small chance of a non-paternity event in 4 transmission events, so the result is probably not as good as e.g., exhuming Charles Darwin himself and testing him directly, but that's probably just nitpicking.
Today, 200 years after his birth, DNA technology has helped determine who Darwin’s ancient ancestors were. Darwin’s great-great-grandson, Chris Darwin, 48, who lives in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, took a Genographic Project public participation cheek swab test analyzing his “Y” chromosome. According to Dr. Spencer Wells, project director of the Genographic Project, a research partnership between National Geographic and IBM with field support from the Waitt Family Foundation, Darwin’s deep ancestry shows his ancestors left Africa around 45, 000 years ago.

“I couldn’t wait to find out my family’s deep ancestry. I suspect that most people would be fascinated to know their family history over the past 60, 000 years. After all, how can you understand who you really are, if you don’t know where you have come from?, ” Chris Darwin said.

The test revealed that Chris Darwin, and therefore his paternal great-great-grandfather, Charles Darwin, are from Haplogroup R1b, one of the most common European male lineages. “Approximately 70 percent of men in southern England belong to Haplogroup R1b, and in parts of Ireland and Spain that number exceeds 90 percent, ” Wells said.

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Charles Darwin Influences?

To what extent was Lamarck a precursor to Darwin?

In the late 18th century, Cuvier in France had described extinct mammals and Blumenbach in Germany had described fossil shellfish that were now extinct. In 1800, Lamarck adopted and modified the neo-Platonic view of Bonnet of a gradual series or scale from inanimate matter to the most perfect being, and added a principle of transition over time. Moreover, Lamarck added that the transition was not a ladder, but a branching tree, with new forms created. However, Lamarck asserted the existence of a number of qualitatively separate trees for different lineages - several for animals and…

Charles Darwin,and Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene makes me believe no child is born homosexual?

Could it be hormonal

Partly but I've read plenty of Darwin and Dawkins and textbooks on evolution and never got the impression that its impossible a child could be born with homosexual tendencies.

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