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Charles Darwin s Travel Route

In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin

The route Darwin took is now named the Charles Darwin Walk and it leads to the top of Wentworth Falls, which even at the time of Darwin's visit, was already a popular tourist attraction. Back then you could only stand and look out over the Jamison Valley but now, thanks to the staff of the Blue Mountains National Park, and all the work they've done constructing walking paths, you can descend the "line of cliff" and walk along it. One thing hasn't changed from Darwin's time: the view over the Jamison Valley is still pristine.
Last week my old friend and fellow author, Richard Tulloch, and I did one of our favourite walks at Wentworth Falls, The National Pass. Starting at the Conservation Hut Cafe at the other end of the escarpment from where Darwin was and, after fortifying ourselves with coffee and scones (with jam & cream) we started off down the track. ="0" cellspacing="0">

The Conservation Hut Cafe

Yowies are Australia's answer to the Yeti and Bigfoot. Sadly, we didn't see one. It would have made for an interesting blog entry. Unfortunately Darwin didn't see one either as it would have given his book The Descent of Man that little magic something to keep it in the charts a bit longer.

Beware of the yowie

In any event these men descended to Lodore Falls, Sylvia Falls and Empress Falls on the Valley of the Waters Creek. A group of canyoners were busy canyoning down the creek. We stopped to watch just long enough to be happy to be warm, dry and on foot.

The National Pass Track

The National Pass track traverses the middle of the cliff from the western (Conservation Hut) end to the eastern, Wentworth Falls end. Or the other way around depending on where you've parked. I've drawn a red line on the photo above to show were it goes. If this looks scary, it's really not. deaths. I guess it's in their interests, too.

A paved path---not to every bushwalker's taste

It was a warm day but, considering it's summer here, we were just pleased that we weren't walking in blistering heat. But it is a well-shaded walk and it's been so rainy recently that there was always a bit of cooling spray from above.

Low overhead

A few stretches are better for kids---short ones---than adults.

Richard in welcome shade

Okay so now you wish you were bushwalking instead of staring at a computer screen. You can get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney by car, bus or train and there's all the information you need at the various Park information centres---such as the one in Springwood on the Great Western Highway on the way to Wentworth Falls. There are also excellent guide books. My favourite so far is Blue Mountains Best Bushwalks by Veechi Stuart. For those of you from away, Sydney is just a short plane ride. Just hop on the plane, go to sleep for a day or so and you're here.

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Charles Bradlaugh

by rodat6

Charles Bradlaugh is a great grandfather of mine. My first name is Charles, my elder brothers middle name is Bradlaugh. Just found that out a few years ago from a first cousin.
I had never heard of Charles Bradlaugh before I was told, always wondered while growing up what kind of middle name Bradlaugh was.
Charles Bradlaugh and his girlfriend were sentenced to the Tower of London for publishing a book on birth control, they lived in London in the mid eighteen hundreds.
Mahatma Ghandi attended Bradlaugh's FUNeral and Bradlaugh knew Darwin but how well I do not know

Hotbed of biodiversity: Fascinating images of wildlife from the Galapagos Islands  — Mother Nature Network
Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this remote volcanic archipelago is famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

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NYU Press The Works of Charles Darwin, Volume 18: Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants
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Angie Rodriguez
What do I mention in my brochure about Charles Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle?

My biology homework project says: You must design and make a travel brochure for a cruise or boat charter that follows the voyages taken by Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle. The types of people who would pay to take this sort of trip would do so to learn more about the history and discoveries made by Darwin so your brochure must include specific highlights and details about Darwin's most famous findings and destinations. You need to include where Darwin departed from and returned to as well as at least 5 other of his destinations (minimum).

HELP!! I need sources where I…

There is an excellent book which describes Darwin's voyage very well giving all the information about where he went, the things he saw and the discoveries he made. It is called "The Voyage of the Beagle" and was written by Charles Darwin. Read the contents pages which will tell you exactly where he went and allow you to refer to the text for other details.

You don't even have to go to the library to read the book, it is online. There are lots of other web sites with information and maps. Google "The Voyage of the Beagle" and check some of the links.

Should I follow my dream or go the easy route? Career/ school?

Should I follow my dream or go the easy route? Career/ school?
My dream job is to travel to third world countries and help them. Nothing would make me happier. But it is very hard to get to that point. Years of school and experience is required (90% of jobs in the Peace Corps require a bachelors degree). I understand that it doesn't pay very much (which I'm willing to sacrifice) but if I travel a lot then it would be hard to raise a family.

I am currently getting my Associates degree in culinary arts to be a chef (on my second quarter). It is fun but it is my second…

You should follow your dream, for several reasons.

You only have one life, and if you are about 20, it's already one-quarter gone. Older people rush to kill young people's dreams. Parents often tell people they shouldn't follow their dream. They told Charles Darwin he should be a surgeon. They told Cezanne to get a job in the bank. They told Elton John to get a job in the government. Those older people have had their lives; they need to learn where to draw the line.

If you go the way that makes you unhappy, you will sooner or later change course, and will…

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