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Charles Darwin observations in Australia

National Museum of Australia

A portrait of 31-year-old Charles Darwin

Darwin and Australia

Young Charles Darwin. A portrait of 31-year-old Charles Darwin by George Richmond in 1840. Courtesy of the Darwin Heirlooms Trust, copyright English Heritage Photo Library.

Developed by the National Museum of Australia to accompany the Darwin exhibition in Australia, Darwin and Australia represents Darwin's experiences and encounters during his visit to Australia.

The exhibition includes artworks and graphics by Australian artists which reflect the landscapes that Darwin encountered as well as specimens of plants and animals that he observed and described in his diary. It explores Darwin's travels in Australia and his associations with prominent Australians. It also profiles Darwin's analogous observations in Australia, and subsequent and contemporary Australian research that continues his intellectual legacy.

Kings Table Land Blue Mountains depicts the road and country Charles Darwin travelled between Sydney and BathurstTo many of the people he met and travelled with in Australia, Darwin was simply a visiting young naturalist — none could have imagined how he would later shift our understandings of the world.

Darwin's visit to Australia

Darwin was a young man at the start of his career when he visited Australia. A snapshot of Charles Darwin as a young man can be gleaned from his writings of his Australian experiences. Although Australia was not to feature strongly in Darwin's later writings it was to leave its legacy on Darwin's later life.

Charles Darwin's visit to Australia in early 1836 came towards the end of a long voyage. Almost four years after departing England, the Beagle and its travel-weary company arrived on Australian shores. During the 61 days spent in Australia, Darwin visited Sydney, the inland settlement of Bathurst, Hobart Town in Tasmania, and King George's Sound in Western Australia.

Beetle specimen. Label reads 'Hobart Town. C. Darwin'. Caricature of a young Charles Darwin riding a giant beetle. The caption is 'Go it Charlie!' Close up of the spines of six books: The Last of the Tasmanians, James Bonwick; Wanderings in Wild Australia, Baldwin Spencer; On the Origin of Civilization and Primitive Condition of Man, Sir John Lubbock; Early History of Mankind, Tylor; Antiquity of Man, Lyell; and Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia, Spencer. Illustration of a monkey standing upright. It has a a sign around its neck that reads 'Am I a man and a brother?'

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Charles Bradlaugh

by rodat6

Charles Bradlaugh is a great grandfather of mine. My first name is Charles, my elder brothers middle name is Bradlaugh. Just found that out a few years ago from a first cousin.
I had never heard of Charles Bradlaugh before I was told, always wondered while growing up what kind of middle name Bradlaugh was.
Charles Bradlaugh and his girlfriend were sentenced to the Tower of London for publishing a book on birth control, they lived in London in the mid eighteen hundreds.
Mahatma Ghandi attended Bradlaugh's FUNeral and Bradlaugh knew Darwin but how well I do not know

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Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this remote volcanic archipelago is famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.


What did Charles Darwin discover in Australia?

I am looking for three or more discoveries or observations that Charles Darwin made in Australia, especially regarding the Platypus, Cockatoo, and Dingo but anything else is fine as well. Thanks in advance.

This might give you an idea -

Kayla Garcia
Based on these observations and interferences, how did Darwin define fitness?

Based on these observations and interferences, how did Darwin define fitness?

The Darwin in this section, Travel Australia, refers to the capital city of the Northern Territory which is named after Charles Darwin but is not about him.

There is a lot of information about Darwin himself here

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