Darwin book on evolution | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Darwin book on evolution

Evolution of Darwin's Origin of Species

After traveling on the HMS Beagle for five years (1831-1836) collecting biological samples and fossils, Charles Darwin returned home to England to proceed with the monumental task of cataloguing and reporting on his findings, and if that was not enough he also began work on his "hobby" which was developing his theory about natural selection.

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle of Life was first published 150 years ago on 24 November 1859 after more than 20 years of work. His work has become the basis for modern evolutionary science and this book is simply one of the most influential publications in history.

Scientists, students, general readers and collectors alike seek On the Origin of Species - prized first edition copies from 1859 have sold on AbeBooks for up to $11, 000 and the book still appears among the bestsellers after 150 years.

Here is a book on the non-Darwinian evolution

by Aretino

Research being carried out. Basically, it emphasized development (from zygote to adult) much more highly, and wasn't as combative against religion as Darwinism was. In some ways it was more like the current evo-devo paradigm than Darwinism is. In addition, other biologists like Richard Owen had ideas on evolution that were quite different from Darwin's.

Book on the history of evidence for evolution?

by random_human

I'm an engineer by training, but have an interest in all sciences, and for the past few months have been trying to learn far more about evolution than what I learned in high school and college. What I find most interesting about evolution is that, like many theories, it is built on the shoulders of many others. For example, Darwin couldn't have done any of his work without others who had come before him to suggest that the Earth was old.
I've gotten bits and pieces of the story from various other books. For example, some ("The seashell at the top of the mountain"; "The map that changed the world") described people's first inklings that organisms had changed over time, and that some were now extinct

Darwin =/ modern evolutionary theory

by uknoit

Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine when brought up during this argument
You can't deny the influence that Darwin had on biology and evolutionary theory, but discounting an entire branch of modern science because one of its forefathers made flawed arguments from flawed observations is like discounting gravity because Newton never took into account special relativity.
Darwin did not write the entire book of evolution, just a few early chapters (and not the first chapter, either!)

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