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Charles Darwin Timeline

Charles Darwin's great terraforming experiment.

Charles Darwin is a great man when it came to life. He was a practical genius and unluckily ridiculed of his theory of evolution by creationists. I was playing around on Google earth (exploring the world's oceans) I found an island called "Ascension Island". As always,I researched this mysterious island found in the Atlantic and found that it was terraformed by non other than Charles Darwin

Aerial View of the island

Now I dove into this experiment of Darwin a little bit more and I found out that there was a good friend with Darwin partnering up to terraform the Island,his name was Joseph Hooker. Together these two came to grow and artificially make a forest known as the green mountain. It is a great success boosting the ecology and such. So I thought I might post this to archive it when we start terraforming mars. I want to terraform an island myself really.

The only thing standing between

you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep


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Darwinian sexual selection.

by spikemike

Darwinian sexual selection.
ShareThisPrintFrom the JUN/JUL 2006 issue of Seed:
Credit: Catherine Ledner
Joan Roughgarden thinks Charles Darwin made a terrible mistake. Not about natural selection—she’s no bible-toting creationist—but about his other great theory of evolution: sexual selection. According to Roughgarden, sexual selection can’t explain the homosexuality that’s been documented in over 450 different vertebrate species. This means that same-sex sexuality—long disparaged as a quirk of human culture—is a normal, and probably necessary, fact of life

Charles Darwin ... relied on group selection ...

by askaboutaa1

"Charles Darwin described both natural selection and sexual selection, and he relied on group selection to explain the evolution of altruistic (self-sacrificing) behavior. But group selection was considered a weak explanation, because in any group the less altruistic individuals will be more likely to survive, and the group will become less self-sacrificing as a whole."

Additional definitions of evolution:

by jmd1990

A theory first proposed in the nineteenth century by Charles Darwin, according to which the Earth's species have changed and diversified through time under the influence of natural selection. Life on Earth is thought to have evolved in three stages. First came chemical evolution, in which organic molecules were formed. This was followed by the development of single cells capable of reproducing themselves. This stage led to the development of complex organisms capable of sexual reproduction. Evolution is generally accepted as fact by scientists today, although debates continue over the precise mechanisms involved in the process

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