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Charles Darwin dinosaurs

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In the mid-19th century, paleontologists scrambling for fossils focused more on the prehistoric ancestors of contemporary creatures than on dinosaurs. But after Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species in 1859, the theory of evolution became one of the most controversial topics of the time.

When American paleontologist O.C. Marsh identified the Equus parvulus (now Protohippus), many biologists considered the skeleton to be validation of Darwin's theory. In this brief letter from Charles Darwin to O.C. Marsh, Darwin expresses his thanks for Cope's work in the field.

Aug 31 1880
My dear Prof. Marsh
I received some time ago your very kind note of July 28th, and yesterday the magnificent volume. I have looked with renewed admiration at the plates, and will soon read the text. Your work on these old birds on the many fossil animals of N. America has afforded the best support to the theory of evolution, which has appeared within the last 20 years. The general appearance of the copy which you have sent me is worthy of its contents, and I can say nothing stronger than this.

The problem with Darwin: transitional forms

by Hesbala

One of the objections to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was the lack of ‘transitional forms’ in the fossil record — forms that illustrated evolution in action, from one major group of animals to another. However, hardly a year after the publication of On the Origin of Species, an isolated feather was discovered in Late Jurassic (about 150 million years old) lithographic limestones of Solnhofen in Bavaria, followed in 1861 by the first fossil of Archaeopteryx, a creature with many primitive, reptilian features such as teeth and a long, bony tail — but with wings and flight feathers, just like a bird

Creation museum head says Darwin rascist.

by secularhuman

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The founder of a popular Kentucky Christian museum that rejects evolution says in a new book that Darwin's theory fuels racism and genocide.
Ken Ham, who opened the Creation Museum last year, and co-author Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, have written Darwin's Plantation: Evolution's Racist Roots, arguing that the theory inspired the Nazi belief in racial superiority and the murderous policies of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
''What Darwinian evolution did, I would say, is provide what people thought was a scientific justification for separation of races,'' Ham said in an interview

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Charles Darwin?

During Darwin's 5 year voyage what were his main conclusions with indications of what he saw and what led him to conclude, using the following terms: homologous, vestigial, analogous, island biogeography, artificial and natural selection.
I need a GOOD darwin site or book (that i can find at the library)

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) is famed as the eminent English naturalist[I] who presented a mass of evidence which persuaded the scientific community that species develop over time from a common origin. His theories explaining this phenomenon through natural and sexual selection are central to the modern understanding of evolution as the unifying theory of the life sciences, essential in biology and important in other disciplines such as anthropology, psychology and philosophy.[1]

Darwin developed his interest in natural history while studying…

Ducky Pengu
Who was Charles Robert Darwin?

Who was Charles Robert Darwin? All I know about him is that he was the person who started the evolution theory

You will find below a number of biographies about Charles Robert Darwin concerning his life and accomplishments./

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