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It’s life, Charlie, but not as we know it – Charles Darwin and the search of early (Extraterrestrial) Life


In August 1881 the journal “Science” and the German Otto Hahn- discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Just some years earlier Darwin had published a book “On Origin of Species” proposing that complex life forms descended slowly over time from simple ones, however as earth seemed to be too young (based on the erroneous calculations of a certain physicist known today as Lord Kelvin) to explain the observed modern complexity, the origin of microorganisms in space (which existence would predate the formation of earth) could solve this apparent contradiction.

Life from outer space was not a new idea. Already in 1865 the German physician Hermann Eberhard Richter argued that life was an intrinsic property of the cosmos, transported in space on smaller rocky fragments, dormant microorganism could act like seed, evolving in short time into complex organisms after the host-rock impacted on a suitable planet.

Otto Hahn (1828-1904) was a former lawyer turned to amateur naturalist and geologist, with a special interest in the origin of life. Hahn was known by the scientific community due his research on Eozoön or Eozoon (the “dawn animal”) – an enigmatic Archaean fossil described in 1864 from Canadian limestone-formations – believed to be some sort of gigantic microorganism it predated all other known fossil organisms. However it seemed strange that already the oldest life form would be a highly evolved animal and Hahn himself doubted that it was even a fossil. In 1880, after carful investigation of some collected rock samples, Hahn changed his mind and reclassified Eozoön as an ancient algae, renaming the fossil Eophyllum (“dawn plant”).

Fig.1. Eozoon specimen, the regular lamination were interpretated as chambers of a shelled organism or growth lines, image from DAWSON (1888): The Chain of Life in Geological Time (image in public domain). However in 1894 similar rocks were found in material erupted by Mount Vesuvius, proving that this texture formed by inorganic processes due the alteration of limestone by heat from underground magma.

After this achievement, Hahn suddenly started to find fossils of primitive organisms in all sorts of rocks, not only in sedimentary rocks, but also ancient, partially melted, metamorphic rocks and even igneous rocks like granite or basalt, completely crystallized from the molten magma. He published his observations in a 1879 book entitled “Die Urzelle” – the primordial cell, arguing that in fact all observable rocks were of some sort of sedimentary origin, composed by the shells of these tiny primordial, yet unidentified, microorganisms – and send one copy also to Charles Darwin, inviting him to promote this revolutionary discovery.

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Charles Darwin - Origin of the Species
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Darwinian Victorian revival?

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Now would seem to be the time....
"In a perhaps unconscious search for a replacement faith, Darwin had dispatched the Almighty, the Victorians engaged in the mass-production of institutions: schools, colleges, universities (including those for women), sports clubs, gentlemen's clubs, charities, professional societies, public houses and various others still with us today, as well as an empire that is not but whose legacy is all over the world. The Victorians still wanted to belong: but to something tangible, not of the spirit. Those who fought against Darwin, such as Bishop Wilberforce, were quickly and terminally wounded; this was the triumph of rationalism

Bird brainiacs: The genius of pigeons  — New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..

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Charles Darwin?

During Darwin's 5 year voyage what were his main conclusions with indications of what he saw and what led him to conclude, using the following terms: homologous, vestigial, analogous, island biogeography, artificial and natural selection.
I need a GOOD darwin site or book (that i can find at the library)

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) is famed as the eminent English naturalist[I] who presented a mass of evidence which persuaded the scientific community that species develop over time from a common origin. His theories explaining this phenomenon through natural and sexual selection are central to the modern understanding of evolution as the unifying theory of the life sciences, essential in biology and important in other disciplines such as anthropology, psychology and philosophy.[1]

Darwin developed his interest in natural history while studying…

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Who was Charles Robert Darwin?

Who was Charles Robert Darwin? All I know about him is that he was the person who started the evolution theory

You will find below a number of biographies about Charles Robert Darwin concerning his life and accomplishments./

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