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Naturalist Charles Darwin

The Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin” by IWC

The Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin” is a new chapter in IWC Schaffhausen’s ongoing history of modern, innovative diver’s watches. It is also the first time that the companyhas used bronze in a watch case: the metal alloy was one of the materials typically used in shipbuilding in the 19th century. This sporty timepiece pays homage to the renowned naturalist Charles Darwin, who gathered some of his fundamental insights into biodiversity on the Galapagos Islands. In 2014, IWC Schaffhausen dedicates a special diver’s watch – the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin”– to that historic Galapagos expedition.

IWC Premiere in Bronze

The Charles Darwin special edition is not only something very special for the new 2014 Aquatimer collection: it is also a premiere for the Schaffhausen-based company. Because, for the first time ever, IWC has used bronze for a watch case.IWC_Aquatimer_charles_darwin_2 ade and used it for 5, 000 years – was inspired by the ship made famous by Charles Darwin’s expedition.

In keeping with Charles Darwin’s observation that “Nothing is more constant than change”, and depending on the uses to which it is put, bronze takes on a slight patina and gets darker with time. This gives the watch a charm all of its own. While pure copper is relatively soft, the high-tech bronze alloy used by IWC contains aluminium, which makes it harder and more rigid.

Apart from this, bronze is rugged and wear-resistant: perfect in a robust watch designed for expeditions and diving. The case and the newly designed external/internal rotating bezel are made of bronze. The material’s warm tone is reiterated in the luminescent coating on the hands, indices and the quarter-hour scale on the internal rotating bezel.

A dynamic contrast is provided by the matte black rubber coating on the crown and push-buttons. The hard-wearing material also makes the chronograph’s control elements easy to grip. The strap, with the new, patented IWC braceletquick-change system, is likewise made of black rubber.

New external/internal rotating bezel with IWC SafeDive system

Like all the models of the latest Aquatimer generation, the chronograph features the innovative external/internal rotating bezel with the IWC SafeDive system. In order to mark the starting point of a dive or other event, the wearer turns the bezel, which clicks audibly into place in one-minute intervals, until the triangle on the internal rotating bezel points to the minute hand. During a dive, the diver can see how long he has already been underwater simply by reading the time off the scale on the internal bezel.

Charles Darwin & The Tree of Life [HD]
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Darwinian evolution was seen answer 4 design

by plyknise

Purposeful Design or Mindless Process?
In 1802, English clergyman and theologian William Paley expounded his reasons for belief in a Creator. He stated that if while crossing a heath, he were to find a stone lying on the ground, he might reasonably conclude that natural processes had put it there. But if instead he were to find a watch, he would scarcely come to the same conclusion. Why? For the simple reason that a watch has all the hallmarks of design and purpose.
PALEY’S ideas had a profound influence on the English naturalist Charles Darwin. Yet, contrary to Paley’s logic, arwin later proposed that the apparent design in living organisms could be explained by a process that he termed “natural selection

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