Did Charles Darwin renounce evolution | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Did Charles Darwin renounce evolution

Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution Still Evolving

evolutionToday marks the 205th birthday of the late Charles Darwin. Although the great scientist is extinct, the theory of evolution—that all organisms are descended from a single, common ancestor—is more alive than ever. Darwin published his theory in the Origin of Species more than 150 years ago. Since then, the theory of evolution has been confirmed to a remarkable degree. As the late Russian Orthodox Christian Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote, “Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution.” Yet despite more than 150 of evolutionary progress, many Americans still deny evolution as a scientific fact. Too often, high-school students are referred to pictures of peppered moths as examples of evolution. Yet there is a plethora of exciting discoveries that confirm evolutionary theory which far exceed examples of peppered moths. So sit back, dear reader, as we travel down high-school biology memory lane for an updated lecture on evolutionary theory.

If there is one nail in the coffin that substantiates evolutionary theory, it is genetics. Just as scientists can appeal to DNA to determine whether person A is biologically related to person B, scientists can determine whether organisms are related to each other by using modern-day DNA techniques. Through modern DNA techniques, scientists can compare the pattern of resemblances between the genes of any two animals. In particular, scientists compare the letter to letter correspondences between the genes. This even works with pseudo genes, which are genes that no longer function. When the pattern of resemblances is plotted out, it forms a beautiful hierarchy. The only way to make sense of this hierarchy is that it is a family tree.

In addition to the plotting out genes, this hierarchy is cross confirmed by phylogeny and Linnaean taxonomy. Phylogeny is the method of categorizing organisms based upon their DNA, whereas Linnaean taxonomy is a method of classifying animals based upon their morphology. For example, if person A shares more than fifty-percent of their genes with person B, then person B is person A’s mother or father. This method is so reliable that is constitutes legal proof in a court of law. As referenced earlier, this method can and has been used to determine whether all organisms are related. In addition, the family tree plotted by phylogeny is cross-confirmed by the family tree developed by Linnaean taxonomy, which classifies organisms according to their morphological features rather than their DNA. So in this instance, we have two fields of biology using separate methods that cross-confirm each other!

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