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Charles Darwin Kids Facts

Charles Darwin: Strange and Little-known Facts

Though often depicted as an old man, this photograph shows Charles Darwin in the 1850s.

It's hard to miss the celebrations this week of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, but unlike the life of Einstein, the public is remarkably ignorant of the real story of the father of evolution.

There are no big scandals. Darwin was squeaky clean — a homebody (once he returned from the HMS Beagle voyage) and good husband — hardly the rapscallion image you might have of someone who sailed the seas for five years as a young man and later developed a theory that has rarely ceased to stir controversy since it was published 150 years ago.

However, here are some strange facts about Darwin:

Stinky feet — At age 12, Darwin confessed in a letter that he only washed his feet once a month at school, due to a lack of anything with which to wash.
Tough dad — Darwin's father Robert thought Charles was a failure as a young man at times, prior to the Beagle voyage. The elder Darwin, himself a physician, sent Charles to Edinburgh University to study medicine, but Charles later showed no interest in becoming a doctor. The elder Darwin exploded: "You care for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat-catching, and you will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family."

Seasick — Darwin was sick to his stomach most of the time on the Beagle, which is one of the main reasons he spent as much time as possible on land and not on the ship. That illness probably helped him collect more data than he might have.

Missing the boat — Darwin almost missed the boat (OK, the ship) that took him to the Galapagos Islands and beyond, where he discovered evidence for evolution and started to realize its mechanism — natural selection. First, he wasn't Captain Robert FitzRoy's first choice when seeking a science companion for the survey of the South American coastline. Then, when the 22-year-old Darwin was invited, his father rejected the offer. Luckily, Darwin's uncle persuaded Robert Darwin to relent. Meanwhile, FitzRoy promised the job to a friend, but he turned the job down just five minutes before Darwin showed up to interview. The two spent a week together until they judged each other agreeable, and the ship set sail before the year’s end.

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Charles Darwin recounted in his biography of his grandfather Erasmus Darwin how false stories were circulated claiming that Erasmus had called for Jesus on his deathbed. Charles concluded by writing "Such was the state of Christian feeling in this country [in 1802].... We may at least hope that nothing of the kind now prevails." Despite this hope, very similar stories were circulated following Darwin's own death, most prominently the "Lady Hope Story", published in 1915 which claimed he had converted on his sickbed.[6] Such stories have been propagated by some Christian groups, to the extent of becoming urban legends, though the claims were refuted by Darwin's children and have been dismissed as false by historians

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Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..

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How many people converted religion after Charles Darwin?

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The natural truths revealed by Darwin cannot conflict with true religion. Truth can never conflict with truth. If Darwin's findings caused someone to leave their religion, that religion wasn't teaching the truth in the first place. My Church has no conflicts with any findings of science, because its teaching is true.

The life of charles darwin?

I have to do a scrapbook on charles darwin for 7th grade science. Im looking for OTHER paragraphs to write about him. i already got his life story. his voyage on the beagle. his books. I just need 2 more paragraphs to write about him. Uhmm, well. Also if any of you know what "please include a list of atleast three references in proper MLA format means.. how do you put references in MLA format??? thanks :]

You may have already covered these points but did you mention that he and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day? That he, like most of his relatives, married a first cousin, Emma Wedgewood, of the family that makes the great pottery? That Darwin would probably have continued revising his magnum opus if Wallace had not sent him his own manuscript, reaching the same conclusion through a different path? That Darwin published on a wide variety of topics, including barnacles, orchids, and expression of emotions?

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