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Charles Darwin high school London

Charles Darwin School

Charles Darwin School is the only secondary school in the Biggin Hill area. The school consists of 1, 320 secondary and sixth form students. Currently the head teacher is Mr Sunil Chotai. The school has recently received 'Good' in an October 2013 OfSTED inspection. GCSE results have demonstrated continued year-on-year improvement to 69.4% A*-C including English and maths, with 90% 5 GCSE good grades. At A-level 82% of 6th formers gained A-C grades.

The school is London's most Southerly school and has a catchment including schools from Bromley, Croydon, Kent and Surrey. Public transport to the school is via 320, 664, 464, R8, R2 and 246 bus routes.

The school is also a creative arts college, and is locally renowned for their annual school productions. In December 2009, they put on a production of "Hairspray the Musical!". The school has a thriving sporting community where pupils have represented and have won events at Kent County level in boys and girls football, rugby and cricket. A number of pupils have represented at England U18 football, Olympic diving and Premier league football. The school facilities include a gym and an all weather astro-turf football pitch.

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Charles Darwin recounted in his biography of his grandfather Erasmus Darwin how false stories were circulated claiming that Erasmus had called for Jesus on his deathbed. Charles concluded by writing "Such was the state of Christian feeling in this country [in 1802].... We may at least hope that nothing of the kind now prevails." Despite this hope, very similar stories were circulated following Darwin's own death, most prominently the "Lady Hope Story", published in 1915 which claimed he had converted on his sickbed.[6] Such stories have been propagated by some Christian groups, to the extent of becoming urban legends, though the claims were refuted by Darwin's children and have been dismissed as false by historians

Bird brainiacs: The genius of pigeons

— New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..

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