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Name of Charles Darwin ship

Charles Darwin Ship Information and Characteristics

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Ship Name: Charles Darwin (U.K.) US NODC Code: 74AB Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Contact: Dr. Charles W. Fay Operator: NERC - Research Vessel Services European Way Empress Dock Southampton SO14 3ZH U.K. Phone: 44 1703 596011 Fax: Cable: Length (M): 69.40 Range (n. mi.): 9240 Crew: 12 Beam (M): 14.40 Endurance (days): 42 Officers: 9 Draft (M): 4.85 Cruise speed (kt): 11.0 Scientists: 18 Gross Tons: 1936 Max. speed (kt): 13.0 Air Cond.: yes Power (HP): 7950 Aux. Power (HP): Main vessel activity Oceanography Year built: 84 Ocean area where vessel operates: Atlantic Ocean; Indian Ocean; Pacific Ocean Capacities and working spaces Dry cargo holds: 256m3 Fuel: 453m3 Fresh water: 72m3 Wet laboratories (total area): 16m2 Dry laboratories (total area): 130m2 Fresh water generator capacity: 0m3 Freeboard to working deck: 2.7m Free working deck area: 336m2 Space for container laboratory: 4m x 20m Design Particulars Hull materials: Steel Energy sources Main engine(s): number: 3 make: Diesel El model: Power (BHP) each main engine: 7950 at 875rpm Diameter and max. rpm propeller: 0.000m 195rpm Total power auxiliary diesels: 0HP Electrical systems AC Voltage: 415/ 110V, total 200kVA, 3phase, 50Hz AC Voltage: 240/ 0V, total 12kVA, 1phase, 60Hz DC Voltage: 0V, total 0V Stabilized system for scientific equipment: 240VAC 200AMP 50Hz Fixed equipment Navigation and communication Nav. equip: Radar Loran Decca SatNav Gyro EMLog Comms: Fax SatCom Comm sat: GPS: Acoustic Echosounders for scientific research: 10kHz 38kHz Sonar: Provisions for silent ship operation: Silent Ship Oceanographic Oceanographic winches: number: 2 Steel wire length: 7000m, safe working load: 22tons Conducting cable length: 999m, safe working load: 0tons Trawl winch length: 7000m, safe working load: 22tons Other, specify: length: 0m, safe working load: 0tons Gantry Position: Stern, Midships Clearance above deck: 7m and outboard extension: 0m Safe working load at max. reach: 26tons Crane Position: Stern, Midships Clearance above deck: 8m and outboard extension: 5m Safe working load at max. reach: 12tons Other winches for instruments or sampling: Electronic data processing equipment permanently available on board Computer: SUN MICROSYSTEMS...

Athena The Genius of Charles Darwin
DVD (Athena)

Carbon 14 dateing is not reliable

by hayinb4rain

There are instances recorded on a single fossil where the head was 14 million years older than the legs
no. sorry, anything you could say to me would not convince me
James hutton 1776-1796 theory of the earth
uniformitarianism, influenced a lawyer from Scotland,,Charles Lyell, 1830, principles of geology, " bible is ancient doctrine",,, "free science from Moses" "religeous prejudices" came up with the geologic colum
no dateing methods yet,,1830 hmmm
Charles Lyell's book influenced a young preacher Charles Darwin,, the origin of species,,,
1908 textbook,, God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, prayer is a duty, God governs the world in infinate wisdom.
2000 textbook, evolution is a fact.
no it's not.

Viruses of the Mind

by HardCoreNews

The idea that Christianity is a wish fulfillment has been adapted by a number of writers for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are so intellectually irresponsible and logically circular that one wonders whether those writers can actually be taken seriously. We will dispel some of those myths here. But what is the genesis of this idea?
The wish fulfillment idea was formulated by German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872) in his book The Essence of Christianity, published in 1841—eighteen years prior to the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and thirty years prior to the Descent of Man

— New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..


What are some interesting/strange facts about Charles Darwin?

Charles Rober Darwin, the naturalist, was made famous in scientific communities for his work in Geology following publication of his work after his five year journey aboard the Beagle.
He is one of only five non-royals to be honored with a state funeral and buried at Westminster Abbey.

Girl Power
Does anyone know any

I'm doing a project on Charles Darwin, but i don't have any interesting facts, all my facts sound dull and i guess everyone else have that also , so.. please help, thanks ^^

Try looking up his biography in books---or at least sources that investigate his life in length. the shorter stuff only tells the basic details.

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