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How it Coulda Been Betta: Charles Darwin edition

Barrett_ic_mediumOn a mediocre night, it wasn't Evolution or the Shield that could have been tweaked, but the minutes leading up to it...and the guys that called it.

Today’s edition of "Betta" is later than usual because honestly, it was hard to go back and decipher what was the best portion of last night’s program. That’s not because anything was all-time great. It’s because it was difficult to remember it all as a result of a RAW episode that just kind of…happened. So here’s the mental process that led me to today’s installment…

Matches took place, three of which were pretty strong, a few others that had good finishes or afterbirths, but nothing there stood out to be something that needed to be improved. Ziggler and Barrett, as expected, clicked in a big way and had an excellent television match, which would have been a great semifinal bout in truth.Rusev_lana_medium to a moderate extent because of the quality of the work they did with one another. Swagger and Sheamus ended up strong even though it was a little lethargic, but again, it was a wrestling match, nothing more, nothing less.

Paul Heyman cut a solid promo for Brock Lesnar and in my favorite choice of the night, brought out Cesaro to no music. Some will have a big problem with this, but for me personally, I’ve been hoping for someone to do it again for years, as the last time (and correct me if I’m wrong) I remember it being done was with the Brainbusters during their tenure with Vince in 1989 and 1990. It was great then. It’s great now. It’s unique and because Heyman can talk before and after, the crowd reaction makes it work.

Rusev in these short squashes is good, just like he was in NXT. The longer the match goes, the more issues arise.John_cena_medium ic is great. Lana is…well, she’s Lana and that’s effin outstanding. He’s a guy who could come to the ring in darkness with a supremely bright spotlight circle on him that would make his entrance really cool to watch and separate it just a bit more. It’s when he has to go ten or more that the weaknesses may magnify. He had a relatively long match with Dolph on NXT around eight months ago and it fell apart late, although Ziggler wouldn’t let it completely fail.

3mb_mediumStephanie McMahon’s work in the back with Kane was a work of art. She’s so good at what she’s doing right now that it’s hard to remember how bad she was in 1999. That said, Kane vs. Daniel Bryan to main event (or god forbid, SEMI-main event Extreme Rules) certainly isn’t a big first defense for the new Champion. It feels like the wedding and honeymoon meant that DB could coast through for a month and maybe a better build could begin in May, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

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What other locations besides Galapagos Islands played a significant role in Charles Darwin's theory?

Falkland Islands
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Charles Darwin's Natural Selection - Persuasive?

In Darwin's "On the Origin of Species, there is an essay on Natural Selection. Is this a persuasive essay because it states a thesis and he attempts to convincingly prove it?

Yes. It is, is essence, a persuasive essay. He draws facts from the time he spent on the Galapagos islands, often referred to as a 'naturalist's paradise'.


plantangels - nonsense.

'Scienctist proved years ago that we never came from a (ape) lineage'

You are either flat out lying or have got that from an ill-founded source.

There is no controversy about evolution is the scientific community: it is unanimously accepted as fact.

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