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Charles Galton Darwin

The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin

I wanted to read a short book so the librarian recommended me the book The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin.

It’s from 1952.

The librarian told me that Charles Galton Darwin was the grandson of Charles Darwin.

Charles Galton Darwin comes from the Darwin family, and the Darwin family has had a lot of influence in the past, so you could say that Charles Galton Darwin probably has some influence too.

Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin, was the founder of the Lunar Society. One of the members of the Lunar Society was Benjamin Franklin.

The founder of the Lunar Society, Erasmus Darwin, had in 1794 written a book called Zoönomia in which he outlined his theory of evolution, anticipating not only [Jean Baptiste] Lamarck’s ideas but even the theory of natural selection; this book had the distinction of being placed on the Catholic Index; its popularity among independent thinkers was thus assured ([Desmond] King-Hele 1977). [1]

While the French Revolution, and earlier the American Revolution, were acting out their destinies, influential forces at work in England were not only largely responsible for the Industrial Revolution, but were actively sowing the seeds of socialism. It has been acknowledged by [A.E.] Musson and [E.] Robinson (1969) and [R.E.] Schofield (1963) that the Lunar Society of Birmingham, which was active from about 1764 and 1800 and never had more than fourteen members, was the most influential group of men in England. This group’s influence continued long afterwards under the banner of The Royal Society. In an article on the Lunar Society, Lord Richie-Calder (1982) refers to the men it brought together as a company of “merchants of light”, a description used for just such a society in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, written more than a century earlier ([N.H.] Webster 1924). The Lunar Society got its name from the fact that it met monthly at the time of the full moon. Included as its members were such names as Erasmus Darwin, who was Charles Darwin’s grandfather; John Wilkinson, a cannon maker; James Watt of steam engine fame; Matthew Boulton, a manufacturer; Joseph Priestly, a chemist; Josiah Wedgwood, founder of the famous pottery business; and Benjamin Franklin, a correspondent in the American colonies. These men recognized that knowledge was power, and by pooling information from various activities and investigations, they were responsible for a number of scientific discoveries that served as the driving force for the Industrial Revolution. [2]

Some people in high places take it

by hayinb4rain

Verry seriously...
Charles Galton Darwin who wrote "The Next Million Years," that’s quite the boast for an aristocratic member. The Next Million Years. The man who also said "we are creating a more sophisticated form of slavery" in that book is worth a read because he talks about culling off all the lesser peoples the useless eaters and methods to do it through inoculations to releasing diseases and so on and that was published in the 1950s by the grandson of Charles Darwin.

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Finally, some people just will not believe that humans were caused, not created, because they have a book written three or four…

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