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Charles Darwin variation

Scientific Problems With The Theories Of Charles Darwin

Darwin and his book, “The Origin of the Species“

– Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of the Species” in 1859.

- What he observed was very small variation in the length and breadth of the beaks of finches. Finches are small birds found in the Galapagos Islands, off the Western cost of South America.

- Darwin actually noted variation within a species, or variation of a kind.

- These variations in the bird’s beaks were so minor that later visitors to the Islands had trouble identifying the variations.

- What Darwin actually observed was Micro-Evolution, or variation within one species of bird, which we all see all the time.

- Darwin need not have bothered to travel to the Galapagos Islands to observe Micro-Evolution, or variation within species.

- Everyone sees evidence of variation within a species all the time.

- Darwin did not observe Macro-Evolution, the changing of one species into another, for example a lizard turning into a bird.

- Macro-Evolution has never been observed by anybody.

- Darwin observed variation of a species within a kind, namely Micro-Evolution, which is commonly observed in every country in the world.


- Macro-Evolution is defined as the mutation of one species to another species, and has never been observed.

- Since Evolution is supposed to happen very slowly, there should be plenty of examples of Evolution all around us, with new species being
formed all the time.

- However, no evolutionist has ever actually produced one living example of a species actually changing into another species.

- A number of fossil relics and skeletons have been produced, claiming to demonstrate Macro-Evolution.

- However, these fossil remains are hotly debated, some have been shown to be frauds, and Carbon Dating itself is not accepted by many Creationists.

- If Evolution was true, the total number of species in the world should be increasing every year.

- In fact, the number of species in the world is declining every year, according to the World Wildlife Organisation.

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