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Charles Darwin Pokemon

Charles Darwin vs. “Pokemon Red Version”

I am a humble man, a faithful man, a kind man, and overall, I should like to think, an articulate man. I have started playing this video game (Pokemon, just delightful) on the Game Boy Color, and I intend to give you my thoughts on it in just a moment’s time. However, with that in mind, please initially permit me to say: you are hereby cordially invited to SUCK IT. No, you didn’t misread me: SUCK IT.

Evvvvverybody said, “Oh yeah that Chaz Darwin’s a real looney. Oh yeah that Chucky Darwin, he’s probably schizophrenic. Oh yeah that Chip Darwin is kinda fat.” Okay, first of all: leave my weight out of this, I have a thyroid condition and you don’t have to be a total douche about it and maybe my wife likes a little extra Charlie to love around the midsection so did you ever think of that? Probably not. Eat me. Secondly: I was right, you were wrong, and this game is not only proof, it’s also made spending eons out at sea a hell of a lot more tolerable. No big deal I only spent 5 F***ING YEARS with NOTHING to do on the HMS Beagle voyaging down to the Galapagos to school you idiots about evolution.

Then along comes Nintendo, once again, and drops this little gem in my lap. Now, my rightness and clear-cut superiority aside, the game itself is fun as balls. (Those of you who are not Pokemon fans might not follow the intense knowledge with which I am about to thrash your skull. Wanna know how much I care? Roughly as much as I believe I’m wrong about evolution. Again: suck it). Now, I personally dig starting out with Squirtle rather than Charmander or Bulbasaur. Charmander has the best base move (scratch), Bulbasaur is the most immediately useful (can learn Cut, can learn grass moves to beat Brock’s rock/ground types), but Squirtle is the best combination of longevity in badassery (becomes Blastoise) and usefulness (can learn Surf).

“But Charles, did you beat all the gym leaders and get all the badges?”


“But Charles, did you defeat evil Team Rocket and their sinister leader, Giovanni?”


“But Charles, did you catch them all?”


“Even Mew, the elusive 151st Pokemon?”


“But Charles, some Pokemon aren’t available in Red Version, you have to trade with Blue Version to get them! And further, some Pokemon only evolve via trades, how could you perform such a feat? I’m beginning to doubt your achievements.”

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Creation: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

by BurpBoohickie

In the upcoming JOHN AMIEL drama, CREATION, contemporary real life couple JENNIFER CONNELLY and PAUL BETTANY play historic real-life couple CHARLES and EMMA DARWIN. We spoke with CONNELLY recently and she talked about how the movie deals with the conflicts of Darwinism and Creationism, it doesn’t preach a particular point of view.

Going to a movie as a conscious political act?

by NewMsLoree

“Creation”, the new film about Charles Darwin, which stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, premieres on Friday, January 22, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC.
Says Robert Luhn, Director of Communications at the National Center for Science Education:
“If there is a strong turnout the opening weekend, the movie will stay in theaters longer, which will generate buzz, which will keep it in theaters longer. And that means more people will see Darwin (and his ideas) presented in a more positive light.”

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