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Charles Darwin Photo and Timeline

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Emma Darwin kept a small handwritten recipe book, and about fifty of her recipes with modern interpretations are in Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book which also contains a lengthy information section. Several of the recipes had differences from others in contemporary cookbooks, such as almonds replacing chestnuts in the Nesselrode ice cream...
In addition to Victorian dishes such as Nesselrode Pudding, Burnt Rice and a chocolate blancmange using the newly available powdered gelatin, there are many dishes from the Georgian/Regency periods including Beef Collops, Pea Soop and Ragoos/ragout of mutton.

"Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book" was written on the cover label of her eight by four inch book and within she wrote "Emma Darwin May 16th 1839." So...she started writing it just months after her wedding.

When Charles Darwin (1809-1882) married Emma Wedgwood (1808-1896) on Jan. 29, 1839, he had completed years of study on the HMS Beagle and would write many works, including On the Origin of the Species, in 1859. Their shared grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood, produced the renowned Wedgwood pottery and china items, amassing a large fortune. Emma was talented, spoke four languages, travelled to Europe, studied piano with Chopin; and when married took care of her husband during his illnesses and had ten children. Down House, in the Kent countryside near London would be their home after spending their first few years in the city.

This exquisitely illustrated book combines history and recipes. In addition to their modern interpretations of the recipes, there are images of each of Emma's written recipes so the reader can prepare the dish directly from her handwritten instructions or from the modern suggestions. The cook book is scattered with botanical pictures and photographs of some of the completed dishes. The first forty pages are filled with details about the Darwins, the recipe book and some history of the period.

The Burnt's. The first recipes that attracted me to the book, and the first I made, were Burnt Rice and Burnt Cream. How could I resist, since last year I wrote about Mary Randolph's Burnt Custard (1824, with a picture of a salamander) HERE. Just like the Burnt Custard and Creme Brule, the rice pudding and the custard (Cream) are cooked, then topped with sugar which is heated by an iron salamander or shovel.

Once again Emma copied down a recipe with a different feature - brown sugar, instead of white, was to be spread over the Cream and caramelized. It results in a crunchy crust of brown sugar on the custard and it was much easier to heat up than white sugar under a salamander.

For the modern kitchen lacking a salamander, the authors suggest using the oven broiler, blow torch or heating the sugar in a separate pan, then pouring it over the top of the rice pudding. The last method is described in a period recipe from Dalgairns in 1830: "Boil with a little water some pounded loaf sugar, till it turn brown, but do not stir it till taken off the fire; by degrees pour it in Figures over the top of the [Burnt] cream. It may be eaten hot or cold."

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Creation: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

by BurpBoohickie

In the upcoming JOHN AMIEL drama, CREATION, contemporary real life couple JENNIFER CONNELLY and PAUL BETTANY play historic real-life couple CHARLES and EMMA DARWIN. We spoke with CONNELLY recently and she talked about how the movie deals with the conflicts of Darwinism and Creationism, it doesn’t preach a particular point of view.

Going to a movie as a conscious political act?

by NewMsLoree

“Creation”, the new film about Charles Darwin, which stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, premieres on Friday, January 22, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC.
Says Robert Luhn, Director of Communications at the National Center for Science Education:
“If there is a strong turnout the opening weekend, the movie will stay in theaters longer, which will generate buzz, which will keep it in theaters longer. And that means more people will see Darwin (and his ideas) presented in a more positive light.”


What six of charles darwins major accomplishments?

I assume you mean " what are ". Go here.

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