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Charles Darwin Lesson

TREE – a lesson from Charles Darwin

Tanya Kovats with here work TREE, celebrating the work of Charles DarwinOwen championed the museum’s move to South Kensington. He briefed the architect Alfred Waterhouse, twenty years after the publication of Origins, that the building should celebrate the wonder and awe of creation. When the building eventually opened in 1881 its inspiration had come from religious cathedrals. It did acknowledge the long history of life on earth however, with it’s richly façade covered in motifs drawn from the collections.Darwin's statue placed on the steps of the Natural History Museum London, with the statue of Richard Owen, his bitter antagonist, looking up to him. ately designed to inspire reverence, with its columns, like the trunks of vast trees reaching up to support a barrel-ceiling supported by the branches of cast-iron girders. The panels of the ceiling are painted and gilded with important economic plants. Today, on an upper balcony, is also the historic specimen of a huge cross-section through the trunk of a giant sequoia.

The grand staircase of this hall had been the location of a Portland Stone statue of Darwin that had been commission on his death.200 Young oaks replaced TREE on the Longleat estate, one of each of Darwin's 200 anniversary nies. It was here that a proposal by Dr Bob Bloomfield to create a contemporary response using the ceiling of the restored mezzanine ‘chapel’ could be used to honour Darwin. Bob invited seventeen leading UK Gallery Directors, curators and critics of the contemporary arts to propose artists who might fulfil the challenge. Forty artists were placed on a long-list, and a panel of arts experts, museum experts and scientists reduced these to a short list of 10 artist, among them were two previous Turner Prize Winners and other Turner Prize nominees. Each agreed to prepare a concept proposal which was exhibited in a pubic exhibition in the summer of 2008. Darwin’s Canopy, curated by Bergit Arends, encouraged visitors to offer views – which were taken into account when the selection panel reconvened.

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History lesson

by louie0990

Attorney Charles Lyell used his political talents to "free science from Moses" by convincing the Church to accept uniformitarianism in geology. This lawyer influenced theologian Charles Darwin who then used his grandfather's theory to convince the world that we have evolved from soup. Maybe we are all just sheep?
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Atheists, where's the proof Charles Darwin ever existed?

And where's the proof that he came up with evolution?

Medical records, photographs, census forms, deeds to property, letters, journal entries, newspaper articles, documents from his established laboratories and the nobel commission board, widely publicised and studied texts produced by the man in question and... well, he was born in a time when all maner of proof was documented and archived.

Prove shakesphere existed, prove that he wrote a midsummer nights dream. Prove to me that Socrates was a brilliant teacher in the greek forums and not a farmer from gaul. here's a challenge, prove to me beyond the shadow of a doubt,…

Diary entry of a person living in Dickens times?

Hi im 13 and im in yr 8... for wnglish, at school we have to write a Diary entri of a person living in Dickens time. (Charles Dickens times)
Can you please write me a diary entry?
10 points

As a quck hint, go read The Pickwick Papers and you'll get a very good picture of daily life in Dickens' time. You could make up a diary from reading that easily.

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