Charles Darwin important observations | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin important observations

The route of Charles Darwin


Route Darwin | 3 Nights

(Rates per person in US$)

Route Darwin | 4 Nights

Departures M/N Stella Australis

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  • Rate does not include port tax, migration fee, and national park fee. The cost per person is the following:
    - Ushuaia - Punta Arenas route: US$30.- (dollars)The cost may be modified by the port authorities of each country.
    - Punta Arenas - Ushuaia route: US$30.- (dollars)The cost may be modified by the port authorities of each country.
  • Rates include accomodation, sea transportation, all meals, open bar when on duty (without additional cost for wines, beverages, and liquors), shore excursions, and onboard entertainment.
  • The above rates are from rates, and only for a limited cabin stock per departure.
  • Single rate in A, AA, AAA, AA Sup or AAA Sup will be 150% of the category rate. Single rate does not apply to Category B. Cabins AA Superior and AAA Superior are only available in M/V Australis.
  • Activity Index refers to the ratio of excursion per navigation day: Between 1-1.5: MEDIUM. More than 1.5: HIGH.


The route includes sites visited by Darwin during his voyage on the HMS Beagle. Patagonia cruises will include sailing through the channels of Tierra del Fuego and Wulaia Bay with sightings of the Holanda Glacier, Wollaston Islands and the Italia Glacier, where he made many of his discoveries and observations.


Darwin before the Voyage of the Beagle

His youth: family - house - Cambridge - geology and beetles
The opportunity - Henslow, his father, his uncle, FitzRoy.
Fitz Roy - the first voyage - the Indians - second voyage.
The plan - Circumnavigation - surveying
The Beagle - the crew - the fuegians -a naturalist
"To glory we steer"

Darwin in Tierra del Fuego

The 3 Fuegians
The Colony of Wulaia - FitzRoy´s plan - the outcome
Darwin and the Indians
The strategic importance of the Straits of Magellan
"Darwin" places in Tierra del Fuego
Anecdotes and stories
What became of the 3 Fuegians

Darwin: a witness of a long lost world

The Atlantic Islands
Brazil the jungle and slavery
Buenos Aires - Rosas - gauchos - pampa (fossils)
Malvinas seized by Brits
FitzRoy buys Adventure
Patagonian coast and Santa Cruz River
Tierra del Fuego not in this lecture (in lecture 2)
The Andes (fossils)
FitzRoy "quits" at Valparaiso
New Zealand and Australia

Darwin and Evolution

Evolutionists before Darwin
Darwin drops Creation Theory
Geology speaks of a changing world
Fossils and animal distribution speak of changing species
The Theory
Creationism vs Evolution
Evidence after Darwin explains "how" - Mendel - Chromosomes

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