Charles Darwin during Holocaust | Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin during Holocaust

How the Nazis horrifyingly

"How Could This Happen?: Explaining the Holocaust"

"In general, the brain is larger in mature adults than in the elderly, in men than in women, in eminent men than in men of mediocre talent, in superior races than in inferior races." - Anthropologist Paul Broca in 1861

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Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler

Today the word "racism" means dislike for people whose skin is colored differently from ours, usually paired with the suspicion that they are not as intelligent or morally upright as we are. Yet during the years between about 1890 and 1960, and especially in the 1930s and 1940s, racism meant a great deal more. During those years most educated people in Europe and North America believed that racial differences in intelligence and morality were proven scientific fact. Today racism is seen as the kneejerk reflex of the uneducated and socially marginal, of "losers." In Hitler's day it was instead a conviction shared by most of society's leaders, and by millions of people who ranked below them.

Sometimes, but hardly always, racist belief flowed from some understanding of genetics, of the way that people can inherit physical and mental traits from their parents. Racism usually contained the notion that different races, different nationalities, and also specific classes of society, were born to behave in certain ways. Not only were people of African or Asian descent assumed to naturally act differently from white people, but even different white nationalities - Scotch, Swedes, Greeks, or Poles - were described as having different inborn traits. The poorer classes of every society were also said to have been born with inferior moral and intellectual qualities that kept them at the bottom of the social ladder.

Darwin was an abolitionist

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There is a growing effort among opponents of evolution to portray Charles Darwin as a racist, and evolutionary theory as morally reprehensible, even to claim that Darwinism "provided Hitler and the Nazis with a scientific justification for the policies they pursued once they came to power."
Far from it. Darwin was an abolitionist whose scientific work refuted the commonly held racist beliefs of his time and opposed already existing eugenic concepts. It is, in fact, evolution that overturned the widely held belief in the divine superiority of the "white race".

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Who's the author of "On the Origin of Species?"?

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Questions about charles darwin.?

Who was the scientist whose ideas about evoulution and adaption influenced darwin?

who was the economist whose ideas about human population influenced darwin?

who was the geologist who influenced darwin?

these are questions on a crossword puzzle and these are the only questions i have left, please help me find the answers!!!!

Lamarck was a renown scientist read by Darwin and others. Here is a list of the people that had some effect upon Darwin.

Agassiz, Jean Louis
Babbage, Charles
Beaufort, Capt. Francis
Bradlaugh, Charles
Broderip, William John
Brown, Robert
Busk, George
Carlile, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chapman, John
Covington, Syms
Duke of Argyll
Edmonstone, John
Falconer, Hugh
FitzRoy, Capt. Robert
Forbes, Edward
Fox, William Darwin
Gould, John

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