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Charles Darwin died in What years

Charles Darwin Died on this Day in 1882

Charles Darwin died at Down house during the afternoon of April 19, 1882. Janet Brown describes the moment in her biography (Charles Darwin: The Power of Place p. 495).
He died on the afternoon of 19, April 1882, after sinking very low for two or three days beforehand and suffering what Emma called "fatal attack" at midnight on the 18th. There was no deathbed conversion, no famous last words. "I am not the least afraid to die, " he apparently murmured to Emma. "Remember what a good wife you have been." Allfrey signed the death certificate giving "Angina Pectoris Syncope" as the cause of death, the gradual ceasing of the heart. He was seventy-three.The subtitle of Janet Browne's book (The power of Place) alludes to the remarkable status that Darwin achieved following publication of On the Origin of Species. Darwin was buried in Westminster Abbey at a huge funeral held on Wednesday, April 26, 1882. He was buried next to Sir John Herschel near the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton, "... an honorable place but not as close to [Charles] Lyell as Emma had hoped" (Browne, p. 497).

Here's a list of the pallbearers from

George Campbell - The 9th Duke of Argyll
William Cavendish - The 7th Duke of Devonshire
Edward Henry Stanley - The 15th Earl of Derby
James Russell Lowell - The American Ambassador to Britain
William Spottiswoode - Mathematician, physicist, the Queen's Printer, and friend of Darwin
Joseph Dalton Hooker - Darwin's close friend and champion of his Theory of Evolution
Thomas Henry Huxley - Darwin's close friend and champion of his Theory of Evolution
Alfred Russel Wallace - Darwin's friend and the co-founder of Natural Selection
Sir John Lubbock - The 1st Baron of Avebury, Darwin's next door neighbor and close friendHere's the report of the funeral published in

Part I: Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection / Part II: On the Tendency of Species to Form Varieties; The Evolution Debate, 1813-1870 (Volume IX)
Book (Routledge)

I find it interisting that Darwin and I share

by RadonHuffer

The same view, I had my view long before i read this.
What were Darwin's religious views?
Charles Darwin was baptized on November 17, 1809 at St. Chad's church in Shrewsbury, and his mother, Suzsanna, took him to services at the Unitarian church in High Street. She died when Darwin was just eight years old, but he continued to attend church on a regular basis with his sisters. There is very little known about Darwin's religious beliefs during his childhood. He was sent to Rev. Case's day school at St. Chad's for one year, and afterwards was sent to Dr

I wonder if there's multiple lists

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Someone sent this to me January 3rd. I haven't read all the ones listed on yours, but so far, none of the 'winners' is the same. I'll have to post this in a couple of posts.
And once again, it's time for the Darwin Award Nominees. The Darwins are awarded every year to the persons who died in the most stupid manner, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool.
This years nominees are:
Nominee No. 1: [San Jose Mercury News]
An unidentified man, using a shotgun like a club to break a former girlfriends windshield, accidentally shot himself to death when the gun discharged, blowing a hole in his gut

The destruction of the Tasmanian Aborigines

by Niyabhingi

As early as 1804 the British began to slaughter, kidnap and enslave the Black people of Tasmania. The colonial government itself was not even inclined to consider the aboriginal Tasmanians as full human beings, and scholars began to discuss civilization as a unilinear process with White people at the top and Black people at the bottom. To the Europeans of Tasmania the Blacks were an entitity fit only to be exploited in the most sadistic of manners--a sadism that staggers the imagination and violates all human morality

Carroll & Graf Charles Darwin: The Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution
Book (Carroll & Graf)


Who's the author of "On the Origin of Species?"?

Biology crossword homework.

In the crossword DARWIN fits

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Questions about charles darwin.?

Who was the scientist whose ideas about evoulution and adaption influenced darwin?

who was the economist whose ideas about human population influenced darwin?

who was the geologist who influenced darwin?

these are questions on a crossword puzzle and these are the only questions i have left, please help me find the answers!!!!

Lamarck was a renown scientist read by Darwin and others. Here is a list of the people that had some effect upon Darwin.

Agassiz, Jean Louis
Babbage, Charles
Beaufort, Capt. Francis
Bradlaugh, Charles
Broderip, William John
Brown, Robert
Busk, George
Carlile, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chapman, John
Covington, Syms
Duke of Argyll
Edmonstone, John
Falconer, Hugh
FitzRoy, Capt. Robert
Forbes, Edward
Fox, William Darwin
Gould, John

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