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Charles Darwin developed a theory About

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Nina had been set a school writing assignment which required her to write a narrative in three separate parts, viz: an orientation, a complication and a resolution. She was encouraged to be as descriptive as possible in her work. The plan she developed for her work is presented below:

Darwin sails to Galapagos, anchors in Academy Bay and starts exploring.

Darwin sees woodpeckers similar to the ones found in South America and wonders about this. He also sees variation in finches and tortoises found between islands.

When he goes back to England and mulls it over he comes up with a theory. He tested it on pigeons and other animals and plants then writes a book about it. The theory is about the origin of species and natural selection.

Her final narrative is presented below:

Darwin's Diary: Charles Darwin in Galapagos

We have just sighted some islands off the port bow and Captain Fitzroy thinks they are the Galapagos Islands as there are no other islands in the vicinity.
They are particularly hilly and there are a few particularly pointy hills, like volcano cones. We are still a fair distance away so I can't see it clearly but I can make out that there is a brown strip around the bottom and then there is a line where it suddenly goes green all the way to the top.

We anchored yesterday afternoon in a sheltered bay that the Captain decided to call Academy Bay. I was taken ashore and I immediately found a species of lizard that is able to swim in the water, even though being a cold blooded animal this should be impossible, especially as the water temperature here is significantly colder than it should be this close to the equator. This is probably caused buy the Peru cold current, which gets pushed out to sea from Ecuador. The bay is also full of sea lions.

Today I went exploring again and I found a woodpecker that was very similar to a species I found in Ecuador, except that its’ bill was slightly different.

Today we hiked up inland. The highland is quite wet and as a result it is almost a rainforest. The only way I could move around was to go on the trails made by giant tortoises. Tortoises are a reptile that has a high, dome like carapace made of keratin (the stuff your fingernails are made from). When it feels threatened it withdraws its head into its shell and puts its armoured legs into a position to protect its head.

Part I: Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection / Part II: On the Tendency of Species to Form Varieties; The Evolution Debate, 1813-1870 (Volume IX)
Book (Routledge)

Francis Galton (1822-1911)

by drdove

Was a cousin of Charles Darwin. Erasmus Darwin was Francis Galton's maternal grandfather and also Charles Darwin's paternal grandfather. Erasmus Darwin developed a theory of evolution that Charles Darwin later expanded and refined.
Galton defined his new word this way: "Eugenics is the study of agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations, whether physically or mentally." But he wanted more than a little study. In 1905, he wrote about the three stages of eugenics ã first an academic matter, then a practical policy, and finally "it must be introduced into the national consciousness as a new religion

Carroll & Graf Charles Darwin: The Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution
Book (Carroll & Graf)


Who's the author of "On the Origin of Species?"?

Biology crossword homework.

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Questions about charles darwin.?

Who was the scientist whose ideas about evoulution and adaption influenced darwin?

who was the economist whose ideas about human population influenced darwin?

who was the geologist who influenced darwin?

these are questions on a crossword puzzle and these are the only questions i have left, please help me find the answers!!!!

Lamarck was a renown scientist read by Darwin and others. Here is a list of the people that had some effect upon Darwin.

Agassiz, Jean Louis
Babbage, Charles
Beaufort, Capt. Francis
Bradlaugh, Charles
Broderip, William John
Brown, Robert
Busk, George
Carlile, Richard
Chambers, Robert
Chapman, John
Covington, Syms
Duke of Argyll
Edmonstone, John
Falconer, Hugh
FitzRoy, Capt. Robert
Forbes, Edward
Fox, William Darwin
Gould, John

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